Product FAQs

CarpeVitamBeauty LED Light Therapy Mask

  • What does the LED Light Therapy Mask do?

There are 3 different LED Light which can be emitted by the mask, with each light having a different wavelength to penetrate your skin at different levels. The Red LED Light have a wavelength of 620~750mm and helps in improving wrinkles and increase your skin's elasticity through activating your skin cells and helping to lock in moisture to bring you glowing skin inside out. It also stimulates collagen growth, which is essential to repair damaged skin tissues, whilst preventing fine lines and shrinks pores. The Blue LED Light have a wavelength of 470~495nm which is helpful for shrinking pores and combat against acne and pimples. The bacteria found in acne contains Porphyrins, which has a high affinity with the blue LED light wavelength and hence the Blue LED light is able to kill Porphyrins, as well as helping to calm your skin; perfect for those with sensitive skin. Lastly, the Yellow LED Light have a wavelength of 590~620nm which is useful for penetration of the epidermis layer, helping those with dull skin and rosacea. Overall, the LED mask helps with reducing wrinkles and fine lines, combat against acne, as well as helping dull skin and those who suffer from rosacea. 

  • How often should I use the LED Light Therapy Mask?

We recommend doing a maximum of 3 treatment sessions per week for optimal results. You can opt to do more than 3 sessions per week, however we found that the results plateaus (maxed out) when you use it more than 3 per week. With that being said, we do not recommend overusing it, sometimes less really is more! 

  • Is the LED Light Therapy Mask safe for use?

Yes, our LED Light Therapy Mask are 💯  safe for use! Furthermore it's wireless, that means you can use it anywhere around the house whilst you go about your day! 😉

  • Can anyone use the LED Light Therapy Mask?

We do not recommend usage of our LED Light Therapy Mask if you’re pregnant or nursing, or suffer from seizures triggered from light. Please do not use out LED Light Therapy Mask if you’re currently on Accutane, due to the strength of the Accutane drug it can increase your skin’s sensitivity to light. Due to each individual’s skin conditions, if you have any specific concerns we recommend consulting your doctor prior to using our mask if you are unsure.

  • Is eye protection wear required?

Due to the unique surface design of our LED Light Therapy mask, it illuminates the light source evenly on your avoiding the eye area, hence no harm is caused to the eyes. As for those who are sensitive to light, we recommend using our LED Light Therapy Mask in a well-lit room and keep your eyes closed during the treatment duration (approx 15mins).

  • How often should I use the LED Light Therapy Mask?

For first time users, we recommend starting with 2-3 treatment sessions for the first week, and gradually increase the sessions treatments based on your skin’s needs. Otherwise, we recommend a weekly use of 3-4 times a week for the duration of 15 minutes.

Carpe Vitam Blackhead Removal Kit+

  • Can I use both the hot and cooling temperature function at the same time? 

The warm temperature function is meant to help you further open your pores up which preps your your skin for blackhead removal. Whilst the cooling function is used afterwards to close your pores. 
At the same time, we found the different temperature setting great for giving yourself either a warm or cool massage; using it in an upward motion for that face lifting effects. 

  •  What are the different heads used for in the kit?

It's dependent on what you aim to achieve. The widest head provides cupping therapy, which helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. 

CarpeVitamBeauty Ice Cool IPL Laser Silk+

  • How does the ice cooling function work?

You can activate the ice cooling function by pressing on the snowflake button, providing any icy cool feeling of a low 7 degrees; providing a cooling and enjoyable IPL Hair Laser Removal treatment. 

  • What's the separate magnetic head do?

You can attach that to help target specific smaller areas such as your upper lips and face, due to the small outlet available; the IPL laser flashes will be more concentrated/targeted towards the specific area.