Basics of Skincare - Cleansing 101

Beauty products, skincare products... There's a whole lot of product with different products created to target specific skin concerns that we face. 

But have you ever met someone who have the exact skin conditions and concerns as you...? Whatever the answer it may be, I am sure most of us can agree that there's no one size fit all beauty and skincare regime out there. Something may work wonders for your friend, but it's a horrendous disaster for you, that's simply because our skin isn't the same as our friend... even if we share one or two or even a few same skin conditions. 

Our skin is unique to us and us only, just like how we are uniquely different from everyone else around us. Which is specifically why there is just a whole lot of products on the market, making us go dizzy from what to do and where to start to achieve that beautiful clear skin. 

But what if I told you the secret to it all is as simple as having a good cleansing routine? It really is as easy as that! Before I go into further detail let me give you an analogy... 

Do you start painting on a clean white canvas or on a canvas where there are various different colours that are on it already...? Which one is easier do you think....? 

The straight forward answer is of course... the CLEAN WHITE CANVAS! That's a no brainer answer for all of us of course! 

Now apply that theory to our face, it's the same thing! A properly cleansed face is the best canvas for you to achieve that clear glass looking skin if you haven't already. Whether or not you currently have clear skin or blemishes on your skin at the moment, the first step is to ensure that your face is free of any dirt, grime and free radicals which we all pick up throughout the day even whilst we are sleeping! 

That is why it is so important to have a face that is properly cleansed so that it's nice and clean... THEN... do we apply the paints on it... aka our beauty products such as our toner, essence, serum, eye cream, facial gel/moisturiser, oils... and so on! Those beauty products does help our skin to become better to give you that youthful radiant looking skin. But if you don't have a clean white canvas, it will be like applying your beauty products onto a tainted canvas and expecting it to look like a beautiful painting. 

Hence why, the team at Carpe Vitam Beauty along with many other skin professionals such as your dermatologists at the skin clinic recommends that you clean your face thoroughly at the end of the day before you apply your beauty products... A $100-$300 beauty product may promise miracles of looking 15 years younger, but if you don't clean your face properly... you might not achieve that effect at all and even end up wasting those precious dollars. 

There are several different types of cleansers out there you can see, with different people using different types of cleansers during different times of the day as well as seasons (weather) of the year. We will delve into that at a later date since that's another ball game to talk about. 

I am sure most of us use just our bare hands to cleanse our face, but there are nooks and crannies which our hands aren't able to reach to get rid of the dirt and grime that we collected throughout the day. That's why we recommend using a specialised beauty tool - facial cleansing brush to wash those nasty gunk away at the end of the day. 

Our ultrasonic facial cleansing brush has several different levels of vibrations which you can change to suit your preference. We recommend switching the lower vibration level when you are using it near the eye area to prevent wrinkles around that area, and a higher vibration level for those hard to reach areas near and around your nose where it feels particularly oily at the end of the day. Besides that, our facial cleansing brush also has a special added feature of an in-built LED Light Function within in, so that you can enjoy cleansing your face with your favourite cleanser whilst doing a mini LED Light Therapy treatment all at the same time! A double win win! 

There are 3 different LED Light built within our facial cleansing brush, each serving a different purpose. 

💗Red LED Light - Helps with Anti-Ageing and Improves Blood Circulation

💙Blue LED Light - Helps with Acne and Pimple Breakout; speeds up the process of getting rid of pimples in a non-invasive way

💚Green LED Light - Assists with calming down sebum oil production to achieve less congested pores 

LED Light and Ultrasonic Vibrations to get rid of all the nasty dirt and grime after a tiring day and a facial massage at the same time... I say this is an all in one beauty tool that I want to get my hands on ASAP for beautiful clear skin before I layer on my precious skincare and beauty products that are ready to be absorbed onto a clean canvas 😚🤗