I love how the LED Mask is wireless! Most of the ones on the market right now are all wired, being wireless it allows me to use this anywhere in the house whilst I work!

Brittany Taylor

The Ice Cool IPL Silk+ is a heaven send! I was pleasantly surprised with the ice cool technology it has... I have had an older model of IPL previously and the higher gear setting actually stings more than usual, I don't experience that with the Ice Cool IPL Silk+! Love it and will continue using it in the future 

Anne Theodoris

The LED Mask is soooo convenient, I'm regretting not getting it sooner! It does take a few weeks to see results, but I've seen my acne breakout calmed down and lessened after consistent weekly use. Will keep using this in the future to calm down my breakouts in future! I love it so much I also got my boyfriend uses it too with the yellow light for brightening effects!

Georgie Wong